June 27, 2010

Morning Coffee for... June 27, 2010

(Photo by Brenda Ahearn/Daily Inter Lake) Emily von Jentzen at Flathead Lake near Somers on Friday morning. Jentzen is training to become the third person to swim the length of Flathead Lake, and the first woman to do so. The 30 mile swim is scheduled for July 17th. Jentzen said they would begin the swim at 4 a.m. starting from Somers. READ THE FULL STORY FROM THE INTERLAKE

Mark this down as something I'll never do, swim over 25 miles in the water. Now if somebody pops up on the beach somewhere in Polson with a wetsuit and completely out of breath, it's probably Emily. Buy her a drink because she deserves it.

College News

Bobcats, Eagles to be spoilers in the Big Sky Conference this year?

University of Montana Western signs 13 players
Two of those players are from Montana.

National News

Germany knocks England out of the World Cup
Another bad exit in the World Cup for the Brits. Perhaps they should take up basketball instead?

World Cup is doping free for fourth consecutive tournament
I don't know if this means that the testing sucks, but I mean really, soccer players doping? Really? That's like horse jockey's doping.

Local News

Mission Valley Mariners in Libby Tournament Finals
Alright boys! Lets get some work done!

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