June 11, 2010

Morning coffee... June 11, 2010

Boise State has left the WAC conference for the Mountain West Conference, leaving many wondering what other schools will make a move in the college football landscape.

Colorado and now Boise State have made changes, who is next? I can only expect the names of the schools to get bigger and more numerous. Ready for college football to change forever?

Montana college sports

Montana's Drennen finishes seventh in 1,500 meter event at Nationals 
- MontanaGrizzlies.com
The farthest I've ever ran is to the fridge. Seriously, distance running is the last thing you'll see a journalist doing. Buying a donut at the bakery across the street? Bingo.

Watch them set up the MSU basketball floor on YouTube

Sorry I don't have any Bobcat news at the moment. Forgive me.

Local-ish news

MMA bouts planned in Kalispel tonight
- The Daily Interlake
Things you will not see me do... get in the octagon.

National news

South Africa ties Mexico 1-1 in the World Cup opener

For those of you that follow soccer, the WORLD CUP IS HERE!!!!

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