June 2, 2010

Russians Mars mission simulation

Six dudes. One chamber. Mission to Mars. Sounds like a bad reality TV show.

But it's not a TV show, it's an experiment, and it's happening.

MOSCOW — A manned mission to Mars may be decades away, but an international team of researchers will try to experience what one might be like by locking themselves up in a windowless capsule for a year-and-half — the time needed for a roundtrip to the red planet.

The all-male crew of three Russians, a Frenchman, an Italian-Colombian and a Chinese won't endure weightlessness, but from Thursday they will live for 520 days in the spartan conditions of a mock spaceship and follow a harsh regimen of experiments and exercise.

The main task of the Mars-500 experiment is to study the effects of long isolation to help a real space crew of the future cope better with stress and fatigue.

According to the study it has been determined that a great way to pass the time is reading. No crap. I could of told you that scientists. Sheesh.

Now what I want to know is how much these people are making? Living in a small area with 6 others for a year and half does not sound like fun with me. Especially on bean night.

I still think this should be a reality TV show. Last one in there gets to go on the real mission to Mars. And Jeff Probst can host it.

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