June 5, 2010

Stephen Strasburg is changing the names of towns

As if the hype around Washington National's pitcher wasn't enough, a town in Virginia has decided to change their name in honor of the prospect who is slated to start for the first time on June 8th.

No pressure kid.

Maybe the citizens of Strasburg, Va., haven't heard about the softening ticket market for Stephen Strasburg's debut on Tuesday, because this action seems rash if they're doing it to get into the game.

OK, they're not really doing it to get into the game, but an excited group from the town of 6,200 people wants it to be renamed "Stephen Strasburg" for one week next year. (The town of Strasburg is about 70 miles from our nation's capitol.) The movement already has a website (RenameStrasburg.com) and an accompanying Facebook group of 19 members.

My thoughts is that Strasburg is going to be one heck of a pitcher, but all these expectations are setting him up for failure. Everyone needs to slow down a tad.

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