July 28, 2010

Boise State... where we judge people

God I hate Boise State. What a lame school. What a lame color of turf. What an uppity president that should probably learn how to run the whole PR stance thing a little bit better.

BOISE, Idaho -- Boise State University president Bob Kustra says his remarks about a bitter football rivalry with the University of Idaho, in which he called Vandal culture "nasty" and "inebriated," came out harsher than he intended.

But Kustra is defending his stance that there's no reason for the Broncos to continue traveling to northern Idaho to play the Vandals on their home turf in Moscow.

Kustra's criticisms of the Vandals came during an interview with the Idaho Statesman editorial board Tuesday. Kustra later said in a prepared statement to Idaho media that questions about the rivalry "hit a sore spot" after someone sent him a recent opinion piece entitled "Reasons to Hate Boise State" from the University of Idaho student newspaper.

"It troubles me that the occasion of an annual football game causes the air waves and Internet to be full of disparagement of Boise State's students, faculty and programs, year after year," Kustra said.

I hope the Mountain West puts Boise State in its place and the Broncos get five wins next year. Five wins! That would be awesome. Oh and I've made a few slogans for Boise State...

Boise state...

1. We've been running off the same BCS Bowl win for years now.
2. Remember that win we had agianst Oklahoma?
3. We have cool turf too.
4. Other small schools aren't as cool as us. Oh and we're not a small school. Yep wait... yeah we're a small school.
5. Idaho, go drink your beers.. we're a college, it's not like we have any drinking going on here.

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