July 13, 2010

Harsh words for the AFL

A staff writer for ArenaFan.com has basically written off this new league, in one sense or another. 

The AFL doesn't care about its statistics or fielding good refs that have a clue how to read a rulebook. So many teams could care less about fielding competitive teams and are just going through the motions of playing the season out. Enough of the players don't care that it is really starting to show.

So why should I, or any of the other hundreds of thousands of fans of this league care anymore? Yes, I'm still going to find myself going to games for the rest of this season and into next year, if for no other reason, it is a social outlet for myself with a lot of the friends that I have built through this league through the years.

But no, I'm not amused anymore. If I was sitting down and watching this crazy indoor game for the first time this season, I'd be turning off the television set and forgetting that it ever existed. In fact, even knowing my history and having the love for the game, it seems to me as though all of the fun that used to exist in the AFL is quickly leaving.

Hopefully when next season rolls around, the game won't be this painful to watch or ultimately, it won't just be the fun that is a thing of the past. The Arena Football League as a whole will probably be a thing of the past as well.

I'll agree that the refs in the league are terrible, but wasn't it understood from the start as being a hyrbid of the af2 and the AFL. And also keep in mind that the af2 was financially viable whereas the AFL wasn't. It's also a very big presumption to say that the players don't care. Sounds like a kid crying to mommy. It really does. 

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