July 15, 2010

Mike Tyson likes soccer

Mike Tyson is apparently now a soccer fan, which makes the sport about ten times more interesting. I would, however, be worried for big-eared english fans on the opposing team that Tyson is rooting for.

Tyson's been poking around Europe doing some speaking engagements, but for some reason this took him to the town of Peterborough. After surprising diners at a curry house by showing up and ordering six custom vegan dishes (he's a vegan now, apparently), he took in a soccer game.

Wearing a Peterborough uniform, he gave a rousing halftime speech. Just see if you're not inspired:

I've never heard of Peterborough before but as soon as I heard it was West Ham I thought, we've got to really give it to them."

It didn't work; Peterborough lost 2-1. But all was not lost. Tyson happily posed for photos with players after the game. And, as unconfirmed rumors have it, he only charged them £30.

Oh he's vegan? Nevermind about the ear comments then.

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