July 2, 2010

Morning coffee... July 2, 2010

After being declared a unrestricted free agent, Paul Pierce has signed again with the Boston Celtics. What does that mean? They'll keep at least a very important chunk of their team that got them to the NBA Finals this year. READ THE FULL STORY HERE.

College News

I'd have more college news but I think everyone is on summer break. Any colleges in the area that you feel I'm missing?

National News

Netherlands shock Brazil 2-1 in World Cup

And the Dutch play with wooden soccer cleats...

Mentalist says he can make the Pittsburgh Pirates win

And strangely enough I believe him. I mean he can probably do a better job with magic than what the front office has been doing to that team.

Lebron meets with Miami Heat, then the Clippers

Lebron to the Clippers would cause the world to implode.

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