July 28, 2010

Morning coffee... July 28, 2010

Montana will play the University of Tennessee next season and play potentially in front of the biggest crowd in school history. They'll also receive a nice big fat paycheck for their time.

While the Griz probably wont win this game and it shows you just how college athletics works (read: money), I applaud Montana for actually scheduling somebody tough in their non-conference schedule.

Coming from Eastern, I watched my Eagles play plenty of play-up (FCS to FBS) games because we're a poor school and we need the money. It's honestly nothing to be proud of since it would usually hurt our record and we'd always start Big Sky play with two losses on our record right out of the gate. However, I'd always use that as ammo when talking to Montana fans since it seemed they'd schedule the "North Dakota school for the kids that are really talented" and "North South East West Canada University" for their pre-conf. schedule.

I can't say anything bad about Tennessee though. Read the full story here.

College News

MSU Women's Basketball Team to take on Baylor

I know it's a ways off but Baylor was a Final Four participant last year.

EWU's red turf ahead of schedule

As much as Montana fans hate it... it's coming!

National News

The Pope rocking a baseball cap

And thank god he's not a Yankees fan.

NASCAR owner Jack Roush injured in plane crash

Which begs the question, why wasn't his butler flying the airplane?

Bosh slammed by Raptors

... and everyone is shocked there is still a basketball team in Toronto.

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