July 30, 2010

Oh North Korea, you're so North Korean

Showing why they're still the strict, totalitarian country that everyone loves to hate, North Korea put its soccer team from the World Cup on stage for a six-hour shaming.

The entire squad was forced onto a stage at the People's Palace of Culture and subjected to criticism from Pak Myong-chol, the sports minister, as 400 government officials, students and journalists watched.

The players were subjected to a "grand debate" on July 2 because they failed in their "ideological struggle" to succeed in South Africa, Radio Free Asia and South Korean media reported.

The team's coach, Kim Jong-hun, was reportedly forced to become a builder and has been expelled from the Workers' Party of Korea.

The coach was punished for "betraying" Kim Jong-un - one of Supreme Leader Kim Jong-il's sons and heir apparent.

The country, in its first World Cup since 1966, lost all three group games – including a 7-0 defeat to Portugal.

North Korea! Where we love doing things that everybody expects us to do! Now lets going shoot some people who were talking about free speech around the corner.

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