August 25, 2010

FCU: Fact Checkers Unit

“Friday Night Lights” star Zach Gilford is the latest celebrity to get checked in the NBC Universal Digital Studios series "FCU: Fact Checkers Unit".

"FCU: Fact Checkers Unit" is an eight episode digital series based on a short film of the same name and reunites the three creators; original cast members Peter Karinen and Brian Sacca and director Dan Beers. It also features a recurring appearance by actress Kristen Schaal (“Flight of the Conchords”).

"FCU: Fact Checkers Unit" follows the adventures of two overzealous fact checkers – Russell (Karinen) and Dylan (Sacca) – who work at the popular Dictum magazine and stop at nothing to check the most absurd celebrity facts. No star is too big and no fact too obscure or arcane to run down for accuracy’s sake. Tom Bannister is the executive producer of the series from SXM and Beers directs.

Upcoming episodes will feature guest stars Alex Trebek (“Jeopardy”), Dave Navarro (“Jane’s Addiction”), Jon Heder (“Napoleon Dynamite”) and Pauley Perrette (“NCIS”).

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