August 5, 2010

Flathead cherries rock!

You know how I can tell I'm getting old? I get excited about fruit. Namely the Flathead cherry in Montana. 

I'm usually not a cherry fan, I think the flavor is a bit off-key and then you have to deal with the pit and  the stem. However, I couldn't ignore the large, plump flathead cherries. They're freakin' incredible.

After tasting them, I'm hooked, now I go by them in the grocery store and stock them up like I'm buying energy drinks. Amazing.

Meanwhile, Casey is stuck with Washington cherries, which are quite inferior.

I mean, this is what they look like...



  1. Next thing I know you'll be writing about how Montana football players rock...How they'll win the "governer's cup"

  2. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing...