August 4, 2010

Hooray! Cheaper gas from BP

BP is all about helping the people! And they probably just got all this cheap gas by vacuum cleaning the birds in the Gulf of Mexico.

NEW YORK ( -- In an effo rt to help struggling gas stations and appease furious consumers following the Gulf disaster, BP is lowering its gasoline prices.

BP is offering a series of incentives to its distributors that could shave two cents off the price of gasoline at the pump.

Let me be one to say that all this "screw BP!" talk is stupid since any oil company could have had the same issue. And I think they did the best job trying to contain the leak. No one is more motivated than a company losing money daily and getting hammered publicly because of it. You don't think they were doing the best job possible trying to stop that thing? Turn it over to the federal government and you know who you would have working on the leaks? The same guys that stand around while pot holes don't get fixed during road construction.

But did the mainstream media not pull out a bit soon once the leak had been "capped." I mean where is the live link to the leak on the front of or something? Where did it go?! And all this there's no oil left in the area talk is just ridiculous. That ecosystem is screwed for years and we're all acting like the teenage girl trying to make herself feel better after a bad day of school with positive thinking.

We have a long ways to go.

What about the long term health effects of the local people, what about the local animals and fish life? What about the people that lost their livelihood?

But until then, enjoy the cheap gas!

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