August 13, 2010

Morning coffee... August 13, 2010

It's football time, ladies and gentlemen. The high school football teams in the state of Montana can now officially practice. As NFL teams are kicking off their preseason games and college teams are now deep into their late summer camps, it's now time for the boys to get high school gridiron action started.

I went to Charlo's midnight practice last night (or this morning, however you look at it. Probably the latter since that's the legal one of the two) and boy was that something special. I don't know how Charlo football head coach Mike Krahn was able to pull it off, but the town allowed him to leave the lights on at the football stadium for the midnight practice. That meant you could see the lights from miles around in the medium downpour of rain. Pretty cool sight, but the sounds of football players and whistles probably kept up all the neighbors.

Went to Ronan practice this morning, and again, early morning clouds peaking over the Mission Mountains served as a backdrop. Pretty freakin' cool.

Can't wait for games to start.

College News

University of Montana-Western hitting the field for preseason football

Is it cliche to say, who let the dogs out?

Montana Tech welcomes 135 football players to camp

Does anyone else think that is an insane number of players?

Montana Tech forming ice hockey team

And it looks like I'll be traveling down to Butte to get my hockey fill

National News

Big Ben expects cheers in opener

And roughly 45,000 dads of college age daughters at Henz Field will then promptly kick his butt.

Jonathan Papelbon sucks

Believe me, I know.

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  1. my boys would love to go to a midnight practice, that is a great idea - though i guess it is a bit annoying if you live near the pitch.