August 19, 2010

Morning coffee... August 19, 2010

Roger Clemens has been indicted for making false statements to Congress in 2008. Is anyone else excited about this? Not only is this the perfect ending for one of the biggest jerks in baseball history (read: how he gave up on the Red Sox), but it's also going to cause a lot of other baseball players that testified to Congress to look over their shoulder.

Baseball has to feel great that their seven-time Cy Young Award winner has a chance to go to the klink. Wonderful. Now what the heck is Barry Bonds going to do?

College News

UM soccer starts this weekend
Two games this weekend. SCAVES UP!

Former Griz, Bobcats players shine in NFL

Preseason roundup of players from the Treasure State

Eastern Washington holds first football scrimmage

Better known as "EWU has first dress rehearsal of their dismantling of the Griz."

National News

Big Ben to play on Saturday

Lets hope its not "Ladies Night" at the stadium.

Lance Berkman to 15-day DL

Yankees fans rejoice.

Smell like Lamar Odom

No really smell like him.

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