August 5, 2010

Morning coffee... August 5, 2010

A-Rod hit his 600th home run last night and everyone went ritually bananas. Not so much in the "wow! what an accomplishment!" but rather the "this would have been better if A-Rod didn't use performance enhancing drugs."

Spare me. Sportswriters keep holding this above our heads like some guillotine. I've talked to a lot of baseball fans and have concluded that most people don't give a rats behind about PEDs unless (1) suspected steroid user hits a home run against their favorite team or (2) John Stamos is somehow involved.

As a Red Sox fan, I know how PEDs can reportedly tarnish a legacy, remember when it came out that Ortiz and Manny juiced and probably a lot more people on the 2004 World Series team? Do you think that changes my memory of that moment? No! What sportswriters can't get in their donut-eating heads is that PED-use was widespread. Hitters were using them, pitchers were using them. Sure A-Rod is a cheater, but so were players in the 1970s using illegal drugs as performance enhancers that nobody seems to care about. Bernie Carbo said it felt like the sky was falling when he was in the outfield because he was on so many drugs and yet his numbers are somehow more legit? How about the inferior competition before Jackie Robinson because African-Americans weren't allowed to play in the majors when it was painfully obvious that some of the Negro League teams were far better than major league teams at the time (Look up the exhibition game record between MLB and NL teams and it's shocking, it's not even close).

So A-Rod, I hate you, but I'm not going to get on a high horse about steroids. Can't wait for the SportsCentury 20 years from now talking about how misunderstood the Yankees player was.

College News

University of Montana starts fall camp of football next Tuesday

And so college football begins...

MSU gives three coaches contract extensions

Ladies and gentlemen, job security! As long as you win.

National News

Celtics sign Shaq

This worked out so well for Cleveland and I mean Boston does need another aging veteran pass his prime.

Insert Favre headline here

Good god, here we go again.

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