August 6, 2010

Morning coffee... August 6, 2010

Here come the Orioles! Since hiring Buck Showalter as their manager, they've gone 3-0. Problem is, baseball is a 162-game season and they were well under .500 before they started. They're actually 38 games under the even mark, so a late season comeback is highly unlikely. Oh well, you can always enjoy the little things right?

College News

Eastern Washington installs red turf in preperation for first home game against Grizzlies
Look out Montana! Here comes the Lava Pit!

MSU men's basketball schedule arrives
Isn't it a little early to be talking about college basketball?

National News

Youkilis out for season, Red Sox will now apparently play fans in the field
And I think now the entire team has been on the DL for some part of the season

Alabama No. 1 in pre-season polls
And Boise State is No. 5, which is just plain annoying.

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