September 10, 2010

Casey's high-def adventure

You probably noticed that the NFL kicked off their season last night. I sadly was shooting high school volleyball down in Arlee, MT but Casey was set to go for the kickoff of the season. In fact, Casey just upgrade his television from this...

To this...

Casey has been sending me roughly 9,493 text messages a day about high-definition since he's just now experiencing it. Having been in the dark ages for the past ten years, Casey must have been shocked to see actual definition on players' faces and just how ugly SportsCenter anchors are.

He got to experience his first NFL game in high-def on Thursday for the Saints-Viks game and I again recieved a flurry of texts.

"This is so cool! High Def!"
"I just saw John Madden eat a hot dog, so cool"
"Boy Brett Favre looks old, I can see the staples in his shoulder from here!"
"Boy, the Vikings line looks crappy, I can see the wholes they're leaving wide open for the Saints from here."
"Why is Reggie Bush hiding his Heisman under the team bench?"
"Whoah! I just saw my first Extenze commercial in high-def."
"Drew Brees' birth mark is hard to ignore in high-def."
"Who's that drunk guy in the stands, is that Brandon?"

Meanwhile the Saints walloped the Viks and every NFL analyst is probably breaking down every single angle from the game. I can't wait for Casey to see his first Seahawks game in high-def, then he'll be able to see the sheen from Matt Hasselbeck's bald head.

Meanwhile I don't think his wife has seen him for three days. Casey also got an Xbox360 and NCAA Football. In other words, Casey will not have a life for the next three months.

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