September 25, 2010

Fastest. Pitch. Ever.

Ever recorded on radar in a major league baseball game. That is. Although judging from black and white photos of overweight pitchers in the early 1900s and also factoring in that there were really no relief pitchers until the past 30 years - guys had to pace themselves - (That's a guess so if you're really a baseball nerd and want to correct me about the first closer in 1949... just go back to your mom's basement and spare us all the embarrassment) I'm gonna say that this guy has thrown the most heat in a major league baseball game. Ever.

SAN DIEGO – Aroldis Chapman(notes) was summoned from the bullpen one batter too late to make a difference in the game. No matter. The 22-year-old Cincinnati Reds left-hander made do by making history Friday night, throwing the fastest pitch recorded in a major league game, a 105-mph fastball.

That's pretty insane, to put it all in perspective, that's a whole ten miles faster than the average Canadian driving through the state of Montana in their RV. Wow! 

Although I think that perhaps Chapman might have some competition...

I believe that Chapman's pitch is also 90 m.p.h. faster than Jamie Moyer's fastball.

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