September 19, 2010

God bless the Eags

Perhaps I should wait for the 40-dollar bar tab to calm down. Perhaps I should wait for the emotions to die down. Nope. Eff that. Let me tell you how I feel right now.


In the world of college football there is FBS and FCS. Something tells me that beating Montana is on the level of winning a national championship. The last time this happen, I spent eight hours in a car, driving to and from to Missoula and it wasn't quite a satisfying as this.

I was in their territory. I was in MONTANA. And the Eags still won. I prayed to god. I prayed to him that we would win. And we did. The Eags. Beat the best time in the Big Sky Conference. Five years in the making.

Some people might say that EWU doesn't matter that we don't really matter (although we still managed to win the national championship in newspapers... hmmmmmmmm) but it does. I can't tell you how many text messages I received. How many high fives I got. How great it felt to run down a street in Montana and say we won.

Listen, I remember when it was a big deal when Boston won the world series in 2004. It was huge. I wept. But this is bigger for me. For years I been saying... we can do this... we can beat Montana... we can show them that their dominance in FCS is as fleeting as the Eag fans that leave at halftime.

All it takes is a little bit of heart. And dammit... the Eags did it. And dammit, people from EWU loved it. My buddy Casey was texting me the entire second half of the game... THE GRIZ FANS OUR OUT OF IT.

They were. They didn't know how to handle it. It was amazing... It looked like this...

Casey ended up in the first EWU touchdown ever scored on the red turf highlight, check it out he actually jumps out in the endzone and tells all the other Griz fans to suck it. It was fantastic. On Montana TV to boot.

Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, was a great night for Eag fans. GREAT NIGHT. I hope you all sleep well because I will.

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  1. lol obviously shitfaced n writing, i love it.
    oh, and
    "as fleeting as the Eag fans that leave at halftime"