October 8, 2010

Eastern Washington University football uniforms

This season it appears that the Eastern Washington University football program is taking a page out of the Oregon Ducks playbook.

Five games, five different uniform combination.

The Eagles have yet to wear the same uniform in any of their games yet. Except for their trademark red helmets there have been no continuity.

Here's a look at what the team has taken the field in:

At Nevada: White jerseys and red pants.

In Seattle vs. Central Washington: Black jerseys and black pants.

Vs. Montana on the red turf: Red jerseys and red pants.

At Montana State: White jerseys and white pants.

At Weber State: White jerseys and black pants. (as pictured above)

Now the real question is that this will be the second game on the red turf of Roos Field and will the Eagles wear their all red uniforms again?

I sure hope so because it only makes sense. Red on red.

red turf

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