October 23, 2010

Fat man gets kicked out of seats at Purdue game

This was sent to Purdue's student newspaper, and I can't help but laugh.

Man angry after being tossed out Ross-Ade for being ‘too large’

To the faculty, staff and student body of Purdue University,
I would like to thank you all for the shabby treatment that I was subjected to at the homecoming football game on Saturday. Apparently I, at 6-foot-2-inches and 465 lbs, am of too large of carriage to be allowed to sit in your football stadium. I payed face value for a ticket in the “horseshoe” of Ross-Ade stadium and was told that I had to leave my seat as I was taking up too much space after the first quarter and spent the rest of the game listening to it from a bench outside the access to section 115 on the concourse. I have now attended football games in EVERY Big Ten Conference stadium, and must say this is the worst treatment I have EVER been subjected to. So I guess I would like to thank all involved, especially the worthless employees of Andy Frain Services for truly making me hate Purdue University, and Purdue football. Now the upshot, for those of you who believe in the eastern belief of Kharma, I feel it was served by Robbie Hummel’s injury, so in closing I say enjoy the whooping that OSU is going to apply Saturday, and enjoy watching the University of Illinois win the Big 10 men’s basketball title. I thought Purdue was an institute of intellect, understanding and compassion – now I know it’s just slack-jawed, inbred hicks who do not adhere to the Americans with disabilities act of 1996.

Matt Lignell
New Notre Dame Fan
Orland Park, Ill.

Matt, I think that a general requirement for stadium seating is that you ACTUALLY have to fit in the seat. I would feel bad for those people that bought seats next to you and had to deal with your "oozing over." Please don't act like this is something you can't control either. Eating is a basic human function and you do too much of it. You refuse to look at yourself but rather blame everyone else for you problems. There's not an inkling of personal responsibility in this man's letter.

Being fat is not a disability.

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  1. what a fat ass. hes just pissed because hes the guy all the children point and laugh at and whisper to their parents about