October 27, 2010

Halo was almost on an iPad

 This would have made launch of the original XBox very different.

According to a former Bungie employee, Microsoft purchased the Halo creator just "days" before Apple. In a chat with Develop, ex-Bungie developer Tuncer Deniz said things went down like this: the studio asked Apple if it was interested in an acquisition and CEO Steve Jobs mulled the idea but initially declined. Jobs changed his mind about a week later and Cupertino contacted Bungie to cut a deal -- but it was too late. "Bungie had already consummated the deal with Microsoft," said Deniz.

And the rest is history. Can you imagine trying to play Halo on a Mac? Ew.

I have to say that since getting my newspaper job in Montana and having to work on a Mac, I'm convinced PCs around a gazillon times better. Sure there's a bunch of fun little trixy things you can do with Macs but if you just want a computer that gets the job done and makes sense... go with the PC.

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