October 31, 2010

James and Heat blow out Nets

Remember when the Nets were considered possible suitors for King James?

Well that bridge has officially been burned.

The Heat defeated the Nets 101-78 tonight and what was most surprising was nobody from the Big 3 had a huge night. James had 20 points, Wade had 17 and Bosh had 18. This begs the question... is this what Miami needs to do to win?

Yes. Look at Boston. The Big 3 there constantly sacrifice stats for wins. Garnett, Allen and Pierce haven't been nearly as prolific statistically as they once were when they were on their own. However, each of their legacies have grown with gutsy playoff performance after gutsy playoff performance.

However, will Wade and James want to do that? All of the Big 3 from Boston are older and understand that it's more about wins that stats. They had done plenty to lay the groundwork for their career before they joined forces. Nobody hated them when they joined forces. They had nothing to prove individually.

James certainly has something to prove. Even if they win a championship, he'll get the "oh he needed his friends to help him out to win treatment" even though every NBA champion has had an ensemble opposed to a solo. He's backed himself into a no-win situation. This is exactly how the Heat should win games, but is this what these three guys will do?

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