October 14, 2010

Ole Miss has a new mascot

Despite Brandon's greatest attempts, Ole Miss has decided to use a black bear as the university's new mascot.

The "Rebel Black Bear" will take the place of the "Colonel Reb'' who was axed as the mascot seven years ago.

Colonel Reb was basically the KFC Colonel.

The school has been trying to distance itself from symbols of the old South, including the mascot and the waving of Confederate flags at sporting events.

The announcement came after a campuswide vote in February and months of polling. The bear beat out two other finalists, the Rebel Land Shark and something called the ``Hotty Toddy,'' an attempt to personify the school cheer. The bear received 62 percent of the vote in the final poll.

And with those as the top three choices it's no wonder the black bear won. What the heck is a Hotty Toddy and a land shark?

Here's an artist's rendition of the new Rebel Black Bear:

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