October 24, 2010

Oregon Duck Tracker 2010

The latest BCS rankings came out this afternoon and wow do computers suck at picking the #1.

With their loss to Missouri, Oklahoma was going to give up their number one spot but the question was to who? With a 60-13 beatdown of UCLA it seemed that Oregon would be the new #1.

But nope. Those computers strike again. Leapfrogging both Oregon and Boise State, Auburn moves into the number one spot.

Wow do computers suck.

But want to know something that doesn't suck. The Oregon Duck Tracker.

This site keeps track of all of the strange uniform combinations that the Ducks have each game. So far this season in seven games they have wore seven different uniforms.

These include three different color helmets, five different jerseys and four different color pants.

Perhaps to get the respect of the computers the Ducks really need to do something to grab the attention. Maybe all the players should play a whole game in these outfits:

I bet they'd still win by 50+ points.

I wonder what ever happened to that creepy RoboDuck mascot? He just kind of faded away. Yet, I still have nightmares of when he first appeared back in 2002:

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