October 29, 2010

Rondo's big adventure tonight

Rajon Rondo has an absolute sick night tonight. There's good nights. Then there's great nights. Then there's ALMOST BREAKING BOB COUSY RECORDS nights. Rondo had the latter.

Rondo had a triple-double with a career-high 24 assists on Friday night to lead Boston to a 105-101 victory over the New York Knicks. It was second-most in franchise history and the most since Bob Cousy had 28 in 1959.

"It means a lot, but I'll try and catch him," Rondo said of being on a list with the Hall of Famer. "[It's] all about the teammates. If they don't make the shots, we don't get team assists."

Rondo had 10 points and 10 rebounds and topped his regular-season best of 18 assists set against Sacramento in March; he also had two playoff games with 19.

I don't want to make any overstatements, but we're watching one of the best point guards in NBA history in the making. If he continues to do this it will be Rajon Rondo and then that guy named Cousy.

And if you missed it, the freakin' Heat gave the Magic a whooping.

Lebron was Robin to Dwayne Wade's Batman again. Uh-oh legacy trackers...

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