October 15, 2010

Seahawks are 2nd-least popular franchise in the NFL

Something tells me this Harris Poll was taken largely on the East Coast, because the Seahawks are most certianly not the least popular franchise in the Northwest. Heck, I can't get away from these green and blue bird fans in Montana. It's just another case of the rest of the country ignoring the Northwest.

The Harris Poll released a survey of the most and -- in the Seattle Seahawks' case -- least popular NFL teams. In a survey of 2,620 fans, Seattle ranked 31st out of 32 teams in the NFL, leading only the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Seahawks even ranked behind the St. Louis Rams and Detroit Lions, franchises that have been hapless in recent memory.

Seems hard to believe that the Seahawks, who sell out every game and have a cult following in Seattle, are that unpopular. Must be another case of the Northwest being ignored by the rest of the United States.

And by the way...

1. The Jags were the least popular. No surprise there.
2. What about the Arizona Cardinals and Atlanta Falcons?
3. Oakland Raiders fans havent exactly been filling their stadium either.
4. The NFL legitimatly wants to move the Buffalo Bills to Canada.
5. The Tennessee Titans are in one of the smallest media markets in the league.
6. Chargers fans are worried about local blackouts.
7. Cleveland Browns anyone?

And you're telling me that the Seahawks are the least popular? Please.

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