October 2, 2010

Sounders FC 3, Toronto FC 2

Casey was at this game and kept texting me updates as I covered some Polson Pirates soccer. You could say that we both got our dose of soccer today, except Casey got his with 30,000 more fans and probably got to yell at the refs.



Sounders - Thousands of screams fans.
Pirates - Moms with cowbells

Advantage - Pirates, these parents are awesome. Favorite type of sports parents I've met so far.


Sounders - Kasey Keller
Pirates - Clay Frissell

Advantage - Pirates, is Keller an Eagle Scout? I think not. Frissell is and he kept Polson in the game during the first half of a 2-1 win over Whitefish today.


Sounders - Rave Green. All the fans are wearing them, except for the dumb fans wearing the highlighter jerseys.
Pirates - I'm going to email the coach and see how much I can purchase a jersey for. Preferably not game worn because there's no way I'm fitting in a jersey that a high schooler wears and that's also kind of creepy.

Advantage - Sounders, they also have scaves.


Sounders - Qwest Field, a state-of-the-art football mecca that's also good to host soccer.
Pirates - The Polson Sports Complex that also serves the football team. It has a wonderful view of Flathead Lake.

Advantage - Sounders, Polson doesn't quite have the "PEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAANUUUUUTTTTS" guy.

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