October 6, 2010

University of Hawaii joins PAC 10

Ok, ok. So maybe the title of this post hasn't exactly happened yet but hear me out.

I recently got NCAA Football 2011 and started a dynasty with the Hawaii Warriors.

In my first season I finished second in the WAC with a loss in the New Mexico Bowl. In my second season I won the WAC and finished the season with a victory in the Emerald Bowl.

But the big news came at the end of that season.

A neat feature in the game is that at the end of the season you get offers from other schools to come coach for them. But at the end of the second season Hawaii got an offer to leave the WAC for the PAC 10 because the PAC 10 wanted rid of WSU.

No joke.

So of course I took the offer and moved Hawaii to the PAC 10. And WSU consequently got put in the WAC.

Now here's why that would make sense in the real world. WSU is terrible but during the third season they are currently leading the WAC with a 5-3 record.

In the PAC 10 they are hard fought to even put points on the board, but in the WAC they'd stand a chance. And it's not like they dominate in other sports either, so as a whole it'd benefit the athletic department.

As for Hawaii they'd put up much more of a fight than WSU has in football. Sure both lost to USC but Hawaii was in it for the whole game until a few mistakes cost them the win and they lost 49-36.

However USC crushed WSU 50-16.

So Hawaii lost by 13 and WSU lost by 34.

And that's not just for football. In volleyball Hawaii is currently 14-1 and ranked number 5 in the nation. Which is ahead of all but one PAC 10 school with Stanford being number 1.

Where's WSU? Well they currently are 6-8 and sitting in a nice 9th place in the PAC 10.

This move would only make sense. I say that the PAC 10 take a vote and kick Pullman into the WAC. Or worse yet, but possible more appropriately, Division 2 and the Great Northwest Athletic Conference.

Oh wait. But then Central Washington would beat them all the time.

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  1. A system having a few down years doesn't mean that they should be demoted. Furthermore, Hawaii would be an awful addition to any conference, due to travel requirements and the fact that their home games are televised too late for most of the country to even watch. That school brings nothing to any conference (aside from a nice road trip location--though with the number of schools that have picked up food poisoning when visiting, I'm not sure it's that nice).