October 17, 2010

Where the hell is Portland State playing?

Watching the Griz game last night, I noticed that even though they were on the road against Portland State, they weren't playing at the familiar PGE park. What the heck is going on I thought, it looks like they're playing on a high school field.

(I also wondered why Montana's uniforms looked so bad and tried to adjust the TV, then I realized that's just normal)

Come to find out, Portland State is actually playing at a high school field. PGE Park is getting renovated for the upcoming MLS team it will be hosting (it will be nice to have the Sounders beat them again and again), and Portland State had to move their football games to Hillsboro stadium, 20 miles from downtown. It has a capacity of over 7,000 and hosts high school and lower division college games. It was also built in 1999.

I saw one main grandstand, one endzone stand and a bunch of kids in the adjacent field playing football while the game was going on. It was really like a high school game!

Oh, and the Griz won on a last second field goal and are tied with EWU for first place in the Big Sky Conference. Boo.

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