October 13, 2010

WSU Cougars need more than a football stadium

WSU Athletic Director Bill Moos thinks that Martin Stadium needs some serious improvements and a football facility in order for the Cougars to be competitive in the Pac-10 Conference. While those things would certianly be nice and the size of Martin Stadium is laughable compared to the other schools in the conference, that's not going to fix everything. Here is what you have to consider...

1. Pullman is a small town compared to the cities the other schools are in. While Spokane is just an hour a way, the school is always going to be lacking in the corporate sponsorships and media market money because there just simply aren't enough heavy hitters and people in the area.

2. It's a northern school and it's colder than balls in Pullman. Nobody from California is going to jump at the chance to live there.

3. They get out-recruited in their own state by Washington. They get out-recruited by Montana and Eastern. They get out-recruited by everyone. If you think I'm joking, just look how big EWU and Montana are as a team and how many local kids are and then look at how big WSU is and where their kids are from. When I saw WSU walk out of the tunnel two years ago I was shocked at how small they were.

So as much as it pains me to talk badly about the Cougs in front of Casey "Dawgfan" Knopik, they need a lot more than just some luxury suites.


  1. WSU could save lots of money if the football team would just call ahead and forfit the games. We know what the outcome is going to be anyway. How can there be the same results yr. after yr. evan with different coaches and players?

  2. 1.) Pac 12 revenue sharing will allow us to compete again. The old Pac 10 system didn't allow us enough revenue to draw in a big coach.

    2.) Most of the football season, it's quite nice in Pullman. It only gets cold in late October. The early September games are usually well over 80 degrees.

    3.) With the Pirate in Pullman, we'll be gaining plenty of three to four star recruits.

    I can't wait to run you purple puppy pussies into the gound so you can go running back to your mommy and daddy with your general studies degrees.