October 15, 2010

You know it's fall when...


1. You have to get an umbrella for going outside in Seattle.
2. You have to get a nice winter jacket for going outside in Spokane.
3. You have to get sled dogs for going outside in Montana.


1. All the crazy hipsters have their eyeshadow bleed in Seattle.
2. The homeless people in Spokane are trying to find a warm place to sleep, usually in the great big Radio Flyer wagon.
3. Bears are chasing me. They're always chasing me in Montana.


1. Seattle drivers crash into everything at the slightest hint of snow.
2. Spokane drivers drive in two feet of snow without a hitch. Wonder when they'll actually plow the roads.
3. Roads? In Montana we don't need roads.


1. Seattle people just wear sweaters inside. Bad Holiday sweaters.
2. The people of Spokane have to pay a little more with their heating bill. DAMN YOU AVISTA!
3. Looks like I'm going to have to burn this wooden chair to get through the winter.

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