November 3, 2010

Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Garnett

Detroit's Charlie Villanueva recently tweeted that Boston's Kevin Garnett said he looked like a cancer patient during a recent game. It has sparked outrage, embarrassment and a PR nightmare for KG. How dare he insult the cancer survivor community! How dare he say such a thing! Rabble! Rabble!

However, this wasn't in a public statement. This wasn't in a press conference. This was trash talk. Let me repeat to all you PC pansies out, trash talk isn't a reflection on the person speaking, it's a tactic to get into somebody's head.

Most guys whoever have played sports before (I did briefly, track, it was fun) understand this, and know that what is said on the court usually stays on the court. It's not for public consumption.

As this Deadspin article pointed out, Michael Jordan said a lot worse things in the past.

KG has come out and said that what he actually said was "You are cancerous to your team and our league."

That's untrue. KG is an expert trash-talker, that statement sounds like something a WoW player would leave on a message board.

Another occurrence happened tonight during the Celtics-Bucks game. (By the way I love how we call them the Bucks and they're not the Buccaneers, they're actually a deer, as in animal that people hunt in ridiculous orange clothing. That doesn't exactly strike fear into the opposing team). After owning Andrew Bogut all night, some fallout after a hard rebound led to Bogut shoving KG twice.

Further replay showed that Garnett threw an elbow at Bogut's head.

No word yet if Bogut is going to tweet about it. Boston won in overtime.

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