November 9, 2010

NBA returning to Seattle

Ok, so maybe that headline is jumping the gun a little bit, but the rumors have certainly been flying around lately.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's CEO, recently sold a number of his shares of Microsoft worth about 1.3 billion. He has stated that by the end of the year he will sell another part of his share for 700 million. Many have been speculating why he's selling so much.

Some believe Steve Ballmer's plan is to buy the Sacramento Kings and bring them to Seattle.

The rumors have been flying for a number of years now that the owners of the kings want to move the team because they can't get funding for a new arena and their current lease at Arco Arena is expiring soon.

However, an article that ran yesterday in the Puget Sound Business Journal stated that this was not the case.

Our sister publication the Sacramento Business Journal dashes our hoop dreams today, at least as they relate to its hometown club -- quoting Joe Maloof, a co-owner of Maloof Sports & Entertainment and the Kings, saying that he has “never met Mr. Ballmer, we’ve had no contact with him and the team is not for sale.”

Of course that doesn't preclude Ballmer from pursuing another team.

However until more news and facts are shown I don't want to buy into either story. How many times have we, the fans, heard that certain things won't happen with their team only to have that exact thing happen a few months later?

But perhaps this speculation of the NBA returning to the Emerald City is just a lot of fans hoping for a team where one isn't there. Maybe Ballmer is just selling those stocks to buy a spaceship.

Or maybe he's selling them to bring the NBA back to Seattle.

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