December 3, 2010

Apple Cup bet

Tomorrow there are two football games that Brandon and I are really interested in.

First, our alma mater Eastern Washington University will be taking on Southeast Missouri State in the 2nd round of the FCS playoffs. GO EAGLES!!! Defend the Red Turf!!!

The other game will be the Apple Cup which pits the University of Washington vs. Washington State University.

Brandon and I have decided to up the odds a bit this year with a friendly Just South of North bet.

The winner gets bragging rights for a year. The loser will videotape themselves doing the following dance and post on the blog for the world to see.

The video will start with these words, "Hello. My name is ______. The __________ proved during the Apple Cup that they are the superior team in Washington. And because I was very very very wrong in rooting against them. I now will do this dance."

And that dance would be:

I'll be going for the Huskies. Brandon will be going for the Cougars. It's sure to be a fun Saturday!

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