December 22, 2010

Back from the dead, kind of

I apologize for my absence, but I was suffering from can only be described as dying. It wasn't a fun experience and I spent roughly 36 hours in bed this weekend but I'm back now feeling better than ever.

(Ear falls off)

Now a couple things have happened since I've last been in the land of the living. I'd like to voice my opinion on all of them.

Eagles on to the National Championship game - Well how about them Eags? I have to share this one story. I was covering a basketball game in Arlee, Montana when this was going on. When driving back to Polson, Casey was sending me texts and just as I got into town it was basically over and EWU was going to win it, but I still wanted to poke into a bar and see the final score on the TV screen for my own satisfaction. I poked into my regular watering hole, The Lake Bar, with my EWU jersey on. As soon as I came in, the bartender and owner (who's possibly the coolest guy ever) goes "HEY! This guy graduated from Eastern!" and the bar full of Griz fans applauded. Where else on Earth does that happen? Just an absolute surreal moment.

[And a side note: With the Griz fans coming over to watch the EWU games, and with all the positive and awesome stuff I've heard from Griz fans during the Eagles run, I have to say that I was dead wrong about Montana fans. They're great people. I think it's time to stop my hatred for the Grizzlies and extend the olive leaf]

Brett Favre gets knocked out of outdoor Minnesota game - Who didn't see this coming? Watching him play out there was like watching the opening scene of Jaws. You knew something bad was gonna happen, you just didn't exactly when...


Rex Ryan's wife has a foot fetish - And in other news that nobody gives a rats ass about, Nick Saban's wife likes a good backrub.

North Korea kind of threatened South Korea - I'm assuming if things get really crazy, they'll have guys in boats... with sticks... and stuff.

The Giants won - Oh wait? They didn't win? They lost to the Eagles? But they were ahead by so many points. They didn't punt to DeSean Jackson did they? Oh they did.... they did.....

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