December 7, 2010

Corso's mascot head found

lee corso mascot head
People say that TV personalities can have big heads. For the case of Lee Corso, that has never been more true. Corso of course is famous for his picking of the team on College Gameday by using the mascot head. ESPN even made a Corso mascot head as a joke. Well on Saturday it was stolen in Corvallis.

Oregon State Police say the oversized mascot head of ESPN college football analyst Lee Corso has been recovered, and two men have been cited on theft charges in the case. The $5,000 prop used each week on ESPN's "College Gameday'' show was reported stolen in Corvallis on Saturday after the annual game between rivals Oregon and Oregon State.

The funniest part of this whole story is that ESPN this year has been running a commercial featuring Corso switching heads with the Oregon Duck. So it only seems fitting that Corso's head was stolen in a game featuring, well, the Ducks.

Perhaps it was the Duck all along!

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