December 23, 2010

It's bowl season! Who gives a crap?

I do like how the BCS makes the regular season very, very important but a side affect is a bowl season that's pointless. Other than the National Championship game, nothing matters. Nadda. Zero. Zilch.

Colleges can brag about their bowl record or perhaps how well their conference does in the bowl season but in the end, it's not like the team that wins gets to move on or anything. It's just really an anti-climatic end to the season.

The bowl games are starting to creep up on ESPN and I just flip to a different channel. I really don't care how Utah does against Boise State. (And that's with a full stadium of fans, have you seen some of these other bowl games where it looks like there's four people there?)

With Ohio State recently suspending several players for selling signed merchandise and championship rings... next season for five games... but keeping them for the Sugar Bowl... really just highlights how dumb this system is. Universities would rather tank an entire season so they can provide the best players in a bowl game that is slated to make money and getting ratings. That's it. Money.

This isn't anything really new, but this year espically with the FCS Playoffs, I can't think of a better way to end the season. Now I agree a playoff would cause the regular season to lose some significance, but here is what you do...

1. All these other 30 bowl games, you keep and have "Conference Crossovers" that way teams that don't make the playoff system can defend their conference's rights. You could go so far as to have these bowl crossovers to determine how many playoff sports are given to each conference.

(Note: you keep the bowl games and actually make them more interesting!)

2. Keep the number of teams in the playoffs artificially low, I'd say between 12-20 teams.

But it wont happen, as these universities are just making soooo much money anyways. However, you wont get me to watch that postseason crap.

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