December 5, 2010

Red is awesome

Yesterday, I terrified more than a few people in Polson by cheering on my Eags via the NCAA's internet feed of the game. You see, I had a few idle hours between a wrestling tournament and a basketball tournament yesterday to edit photos and watch the Eag game at my favorite coffee shop in the town, the Big Sky Bistro and Art Bar. So there I was, huddled around a laptop doing akward fist pumps with my headphones on. I kind of looked like this guy...

It was a 37-17 victory over Southeast Missouri, and what was most impressive what was the Eags' D did in the second half. They allowed just 26 yards of offense and turned what was a dogfight into a blowout. Taiwan Jones was pretty awesome too, racking up 168 yards and two touchdowns. He was also the game leader in "causing the other player to lose his jock strap" moves.

What gets me about Taiwan Jones is that he's a human highlight reel. Everytime he touches the ball, you hold your breath because anything could happen. If he grew wings, and flew to the endzone while getting chased by a bear... I'd believe it.

"Ah, so Mr. Red Robin, you've put on some weight I see. Love your burgers by the way. And the endless steak fries is always awesome."

By the way, did anyone realize there was a Gonzaga game yesterday or care? They lost. I love how they're 4-3 but their four wins have come against horrible opponents (EWU is one of them, considering they've suffered roughly 3,823 season-ending injuries on the roster). They're lacking that signature win against a top-ten team and it's looking like they'll have to win the WCC and get that automatic bid. No at-large this year. How awesome would it be if they didn't make the tournament!

So EWU will get another home football game on the red turf, next weekend against North Dakota State. By the way, I Google searched North Dakota State University and this is what I got...

Oh this should be a fun week of trash talking...

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