December 14, 2010

Somebody needs to figure out this whole roof thing

You've no doubt seen the footage of the Metrodome's roof collapsing and thereby pushing the Vikings' game to Detroit (They might have been off playing with a collapsed roof). It's pretty dramatic stuff but this isn't the first time a roof deflating has happened. Believe it or not, but a fabric roof isn't ideal for a climate with lots of snow.

So why is it becoming so difficult to fix the stadium? YOU DESIGNED IT TO BE AN INFLATABLE BAG! You knew that this was a possibility. This has happened before, shouldn't you have some replacement roof panels? I almost feel like the powers at be are trying to slog like this so that they can illustrate a point that the city needs to build a new stadium. Oh wait, Minneapolis already has a new stadium that the Vikings will be playing in against the Bears because the roof "won't be fixed in time". Take a gander at this beauty.

Now granted, this new college stadium isn't as big as even the Metrodome and they're going to have to scramble to make modifications to "prepare it" for an NFL game, but just think how ridiculous this situation is.

- Domed stadium that's suppose to keep out the weather couldn't.
- If the Vikings already had an outdoor stadium, this wouldn't be a problem.
- Being relegated to play in the University of Minnesota's state of the art college stadium because the Metrodome had it's expensive fabric roof collapse.
- Team will push for new stadium despite Metrodome being only 28 years old, wanting a place of their own (which they already have in the Metrodome) and refusing to just use the University of Minnesota's brand spanking new stadium.
- Will want tax-payers to pay for a stadium that will probably be another domed stadium that can't keep the weather out.

(And didn't anyone just think that perhaps they should have tried to remove the snow from the roof when the heavy snowfall happened? It all seems a bit fishy)

No doubt this is ammo to build a new stadium, but why not play in the Gopher's stadium and add on to it? A new stadium is going to cost roughly the GDP of a small Caribbean country and the team will expect tax payers to foot the bill... even though a well prepared stadium authority could have prevented the collapse of the Metrodome or at least quickly repaired it. The damn thing collapsed when the stadium was brand new so you can't say that it's an age thing. So perhaps you just should have stayed away from an inflatable roof in the first place if things are so bad (they aren't).

Instead of maintaining stadiums, renovating them and building on,  teams have wanted the brand new shiny stadiums that don't actually make any economic sense to the local economies. They also pull this card like they're playing in dumps when in reality they're pretty serviceable stadiums.

The sad part is that eventually the Vikings will get their stadium and then they'll out price their fans just like every other NFL has done.

Pro sports' requirements for sports stadiums are ridiculous, and personally I'd like to see the roof deflate on the new stadiums land grab we've seen in past 20 years.

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