December 1, 2010

Why I hate the Huskies

Casey will no doubt pepper this blog with his rather loathsome fandom of the Washington Huskies. I can proudly say that I've never rooted for those purple abominations. Growing up on the east side of the state, it was always Cougars, Cougars Cougars. Since my high school's mascot was the Cougars, I naturally gravitated towards them.

It wasn't easy. Some of my teachers in school were Husky fans and they did their best to sway young minds into believing that the Huskies were the better football team to root for. I never budged. Not one bit. They told us "They're always really good!" and "Look at their cool  gold helmets" and "They have a big stadium!"

No sir. I'll take the Crimson and Gray every day. With the smallest stadium in the Pac-10, probably the poorest alumni base in the Pac-10 but certainly the pluckiest football team in the nation.

Back in 1997, the Cougars had this guy called Ryan Leaf. Certainly he ended up being the biggest draft bust in NFL history and a drug addict. Whatever. When I was 12, he was a god out on the football field. It's still emblazoned in my mind when the Cougs thumped the Huskies 41-35 in Seattle to go to the Rose Bowl. It was especially sweet because those teachers who had guaranteed a UW victory were at the game. Coug fans stormed the field and tore down the goalposts, I had secretly hoped they fell into a UW fan section.

Since then, the Cougs have had a heck of a lot of success (the past few seasons excluded) while the Huskies have been terrible. What's weird is that nobody who roots for UW seems to notice. You guys use to win national championships and now you're happy if you make it to a bowl game.

What's your signature win in the past 15 years? The Cougs have had plenty and have been ranked in the top 5 for college football on numerous occasions. What have you guys done?

Sure, the Paul Wulff years have been more than a little rocky, but I'll take the Cougs over you snooty UW fans any day.


  1. signature win = September 17, 2009 the Washington Huskies knocked off the #3 USC Trojans

  2. And that got them where... did they go to a bowl game after that?

  3. That was the only good thing Jake Locker ever did in his college career leading up to this season and he was talked up SO MUCH. #1 draft pick? are u kidding? Tuel is a better QB than Locker and it will be apparent this weekend in Pullman at Apple Cup 2010. Go Cougs!

  4. Cougars suck. Plain and simple. So suck it Pullman. After this weekend you all can crawl back to your crap of a town and stay there for another year. WSU better than UW? Get real. Look at the numbers over the history of the teams. WSU has always been awful except for 3 seasons. So suck it you turd.

  5. Signature of the ENTIRE Cougar legacy= the phrase 'coug it', which is really the only way to describe their special brand of sucking. Be proud Cougs, be proud.

  6. I have friends and family on both sides, so I usually end up playing neutral while watching two generally awful teams duke it out for... pride?

    Anyway, I do think that someone ought to do a study on what goes on at WSU freshman orientation that makes seemingly normal people become so focused on hating the Huskies? Identifying yourself as a Coug seems to be more about what you are not than what you are. It's almost an unhealthy obsession, but admittedly fascinating at the same time.