December 12, 2010

Why Rocky would want EWU to win...

With their dramatic win over North Dakota State yesterday, Eastern Washington University is just one win away from the national championship game. Standing in their way? Villanova.

Now this is a slight problem for me since Villanova is a suburb of Philadelphia, home of Rocky Balboa. I'm going to have to talk myself into thinking he would want EWU to win instead of the Wildcats.

1. Is there a more Rocky-esque moment than this?

2. Villanova is for rich people
And after Rocky 5, you have to know that Rocky has no money anymore. Eastern Washington on the other hand? Well I went there, and I'm not rich. In fact, I just stole napkins from a McDonalds.

3. Villanova is the defending champion
You know what Rocky does to champs right? Fights them to a draw, beats them, loses the title, befriends them, regains the title, watches the former champ die in a fight with a Russian monster and... okay I have no idea where I'm going with this.

4. Michael Roos kind of looks like Clubber Lang
If he grew a mohawk, that would be perfect.

5. Bo Levi Mitchell, Beau Baldwin?
Those sound like pretty solid boxing names right there.

6. You know there's going to be a training montage of Taiwan Jones training by running through Cheney
... and outrunning cars. It would look something like this...

7. Isn't Wildcats the name of a Goldie Hawn movie?
Just saying...

8. Did you see the EWU team photo this year? Pretty epic...

So there you have it, and make sure you head out to Cheney on Friday for the game!

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