January 13, 2011

Big Lo on New Day Northwest

If you are a true Seattle sports fan (and by that I mean any Seattle sport) then there is no doubt that you've heard of Big Lo. Or at least seen him at the games.

He is literally Seattle's biggest fan at 6 feet 8 inches. Yeah, the dude is big. At the Hawks home games he sits in the South endzone right behind the goal post with his trademark "Sea" and a picket fence in the air.

If you don't know about Big Lo, here's a story from the Seattle Times back in 2005 on him.

Anyway, he was King 5's New Day Northwest today representing the 12th Man. It was a funny segment where he even showed off the new "I survived Beastquake 2011" t-shirt. Pretty awesome. Enjoy this photo story from the New Day Northwest facebook page.

Go Hawks!

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