January 21, 2011

A fantastic night of basketball

Just let me spell this out to all of you...
Eastern beats offensively loaded Lumberjacks to end five-game losing streak
Granted they're not going to compete for the national title, but it's signs of improvement for this team.

EWU Women improve to 3-1 in conference

Watch out Lady Griz and Montana State!

Okay, so things are going well in Cheney... now lets take a gander in the Palouse.

WSU knocks off Arizona State
I love the Cougars right now, they're one of the most interesting teams in the state.

Now, surely Gonzaga won right?

GU falls to Santa Clara
WHAAAAT?!?! They're losing to WCC teams? But they were supposed to go undefeated and make it to the NCAA Tournament.

Like I said, great night of basketball.

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