January 5, 2011

Former Olympic Gold Medalist on "The Biggest Loser"

If you watched the Rams-Seahawks game the other night, you probably saw "The Biggest Loser" promo that mentioned wrestler Rulon Gardner. This guy was a stud. He knocked off the undefeated Russian Greco-Roman wrestler Alexander Karelin, who haden't lost in 13 years, to win the Olympic gold for the 286-pound weight class.

Now? He weighs 474 pounds. Yikes. See what happens when you train and train and train and eat carbs and eat carbs and eat carbs, and then stop? Yeah your body goes to pot. Anyways, this is definitely a story to follow.

Rulon attributes the weight gain to getting used to bad habits. According to the show, he's happily married, so who really knows what occurred in the past decade to take an athlete from peak physical condition to this? Oh, right—NBC knows, and will likely use this information to tug at the Biggest Loser viewers' heartstrings until the end of the season.

After his weigh-in, Rulon had a few words: "Being an athlete and winning the Olympic gold medal in Greco-Roman wrestling to... World Champion... to Olympic Bronze medal to... to this... is a shame, it's tragedy. It's horrifying for me and my family

Since he is a wrestler, and they now how to drop weight in a hurry, this guy is going to blow away the overweight housewife from Kansas. Just sayin...

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