January 28, 2011


Today is Casey's birthday and to celebrate this guy's special day, let's look at great moments in his life...

1. Once as a small toddler, Casey discovered a penny and an electrical socket. It was then where Casey also discovered the effects electricity.

2. As a child, Casey discovered this team called "The Seattle Seahawks." Little did he know that this would lead to an addiction of Northwest football that only caused pain, disappointment and a whole lot of Marshawn Lynch You Tube Vidoes.

3. In grade school, teachers complimented Casey on his squirrel drawings, and then promptly told him to stop wearing his MC Hammer pants to school.

4. In middle school, Casey was once reprimanded for going to school dressed as a Power Ranger ... sans pants ...

5. In High School, Casey and his football teammates were under the harsh coaching of Bud Kilmer. Wanting to go to college at Eastern Washington University, Casey was the plucky backup quarterback of the West Canaan Football team and studied on the bench instead of looking at his clipboard of plays. When the star quarterback (Who was oddly enough, Paul Walker) went down with a knee injury, Casey was thrust into the starting position. Casey started calling his own plays in the huddle and even confronts the coach in the locker room refusing to take the field if he injects one of the players with a cortisone shot. The coach doesn't and Casey leads the team to victory. True story... I did not just copy the plot to Varsity Blues.

6. In college, Casey penned a campus-wide column popular to many and was the better half to a popular "Eastern Rangers" column where he partnered with a drunk vagrant with red hair.

7. Casey went to Nebraska and became one of the three people living in that state.

8. Casey moves back to Washington and gets married. However their relationship is kind of weird because they like to dress up in costumes...

9. Casey is now happily residing in Washington for his 32nd Birthday... wait, that's right isn't it?

Epic Marmit of Greatness.

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