January 26, 2011

Jay Cutler is my favorite player

That dastardly Jay Cutler is up to no good again. After they found out that he had a sprained MCL, he was spotted in a Chicago restaurant with a slightly noticeable limp.

What a pansy. Man up! Who the heck goes to a restaurant with a limp?

Sure Cutler has proven that he's more of a headache than a quarterback. Ask Broncos fans. But Michael Vick has done much worse and we love that guy.

Sure some guys have played on sprained, torn and riddled MCLs before and allegedly Drew Brees played on one all season. Whoop de doo. Do you guys want a ribbon or something? Injuries are different from person to person, and if Brees' injury was so bad, why are we hearing it just now? Sounds like a load of crap to me.

Cutler was knocked out of the game. Plain and simple folks. Whats really telling is how players on Twitter and nearly every single football fan in America has switched from "what a wimp" to "I'm not questioning his injury, I'm questioning his attitude," argument because he had an actual legitimate problem.

Even after everyone had been proven wrong, they still wanted to pile on. Granted, it wasn't like his leg fell off, but if that's the way football is going to be played - you can count me out as one of the fans.

What was most telling was how his team came to his side to support him after this. I would venture to guess that they assumed he couldn't plant his foot or move effectively against a good Packers defense. Keep in mind the Bears' offensive line was about as effective as a stripe of toilet paper. While Brees can tout his toughness about playing with a knee injury, he was playing behind a line that won the Super Bowl last year.

Culter on the other hand, was smashed to pieces all season.

Yet our fat, uneducated and completely nonathletic masses of football fans wanted to see more. They want to see every player sell out on every single play and make the ultimate sacrifice.

I'm sorry to say folks, but Jay Cutler has already done that. He's in the National Football League. That takes a lot of selling out with your body every single day and making sacrifices just to get there.

How many people have you hear "Oh I was an ankle twist away from playing in college" or "my knee gave way" from athletic blow hards?

Come on you ninnies, I thought you were supposed to play through those injuries.

We spent all season freakin' out over the safety of players in terms of head injuries. Why should they be just as protective of their other limbs?

And I'm sorry if this isn't the sixties, but even in that Stone Age, players were knocked out because of injuries. I'm going to also venture to guess that a Johnny Unitas with a bum leg still didn't have to contend with the type of players that Cutler had to.

If your problem wasn't with the injury, but was rather with his attitude afterwards (sullen on the sideline)... are you kidding me? The dude was just taken out of the biggest game of his life with an injury. I'm going to venture to guess he was just as pissed as everyone else that he was out of the game.

Now please, just stop. Especially you hockey trolls. I don't care that Scott Bleydelajamiererule played without two knee caps and a face. Ten people watch hockey and they all live in Canada.

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