January 29, 2011

Leave Charlie Sheen alone!

Okay sure he likes porn stars, does an inordinate amount of cocaine, has quite a few anger issues and will probably die young. But let's accept this: Charlie Sheen is an American Hero.

1. He fought for the freedom of the United States from the Russians in the war epic "Red Dawn" ... what other American can say that he fought against the Russians?

2. He fought for America again, in Vietnam, in the movie "Platoon" ... and granted he ended up shooting his own commanding officer... but we'll just forget that one.

3. He was in "Young Guns", which every woman in her 20s loves for some reason. He was also in "Eight Men Out," a movie that is interesting to nobody except for baseball fans. However, come on, the guy was involved in the Black Sox scandal? I would love to get banished from baseball forever...

4. "Hot Shots!" a spoof of Top Gun, meaning that Sheen not only fought in wars, he flew jet planes. Suck it, Tom Cruise.

5. He also had a part in "Loaded Weapon 1" with his brother, Emilo Estevez. Yes that is right, he is brothers with Emilo Estevez, the greatest hockey coach of all time.

6. He was a member of "The Three Musketeers" meaning that not only can he fight wars in modern times, but also be a swashbuckler in a Disney movie time piece. Something The Rock could never do.

7. And are we forgetting that Sheen was perhaps the greatest closer in MLB history...

So go ahead, judge Charlie, but chances are, he's had a lot more fun than you. (Granted it's with hookers, but whatever)

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