January 16, 2011

The NFL sucks

Boy is this Super Bowl looking like it's going to suck. Other than the Packers being mildly interesting, what other team would you want to win?

The Steelers? Their quarterback is a creep.

The Bears? Their quarterback is whiny pile of crap.

The Jets? Their coach talks about feet a lot.

If NFL fans would pull their collective heads out of their arses, they'd realize , that this year's serving of football has been pretty terrible and that the remaining playoff games are going to be gawd awful. Another Steeler's Super Bowl? I'd rather watch the Home Shopping Network.

I think that the past couple of years of NFL football have been pretty unremarkable. That parody they always talk about doesn't actually exist as Pittsburgh, New York, Indianapolis and New England always seem to have somebody in the big game. You want to talk about how the NBA and MLB have inequity problems... We've seen the Steelers win two Super Bowls and the Patriots win three, that's half of the Super Bowl Champions of this decade.

We've seen the NFL preach character and playing for the team (and fans will constantly rag on other sports for having image problems) yet continue to play guys that are more violent and have a worse rap than their other sport counterparts.

There are serious, serious health problems we haven't even begun to delve into. Love your fantasy football team? Great they'll all be in nursing homes by the age of 50 the way things are going.

The artificial set-up of the league to make everything "fair" hasn't really helped the bad teams and in reality rewards those terrible owners. As a fan you can't get too crazy when your team goes from last to first because they got a cake schedule. The best part about the NBA and MLB? If your team is doing well, chances are it isn't a fluke, chances are the organization is well-run, made the right choices and the athletes are hungry for a championship. It's easy for a team to go from 5-11 to 10-6. In fact you can almost predict it. There's a certain spontaneousness about the other leagues that the NFL lacks.

And the fans... wow. Hey congrats you watch your team once a week. You're a real die-hard. Too bad "you don't really know the game" and "you just root for who has the prettiest uniforms" and "you just regurgitate whatever they say on PTI to carry on a 'sports' conversation."

Die hard NFL fans couldn't hold a candle to die-hard MLB and NBA fans who actually know a thing or two about their sports.

If the NFL goes on strike, I will be delighted if this bloated league loses some fans. It needs to wake up.

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